MTPredictor™ customers trading profitably worldwide

“Steve: Over my dead and dying body, could you ever take this software out my hands. I have paid for my software both EOD and RT, in my first month. I truly think my eternal search is now over. I have found the holy grail”

Jeff, Private Trader

“I been a professional trader for 14 years and Hedge Fund manager for 2 years. I have seen tons of dubious methods and systems come and go over the years. But I’m very pleased with the way that you’ve been able to quantify and deploy a very simple yet effective method for trading on the right side of the risk/reward proposition”

Todd, Hedge Fund manager

“steve, being predominately an equity trader i never thought id trade the 5min charts, but i must confess over the last few days the S&P and Dax futures have been bl**dy brilliant, the recent volatility has made the moves worth trading and also enabled me to not only hedge my equity book, but to profit from the short term moves on the futures… my boss for some reason thinks im a genius, I have yet to tell him its all down to you and MTP. It took a while but at last we have got the software working, the qcollector is working great, allowing us to look at a wide range of stocks in both europe and the US aswell as the futures, We manage multiple $bln across most asset classes and having the MTP has allowed us to really enhance our timing and trade low risk ideas and most importantly control our risk in an environment where clearly many competitors are having a very tough time – Adding MTP to the other systems I use has resulted in great trading profits, I believe that we now have a fabulous setup, and MTP seems to be the iceing on the cake. we’ve had our best month to date up over 10% (for the month) since getting MTP working correctly – Its still a big learning curve as we’re still getting to grips with the software but I owe it to you to at least give you the credibility you deserve – so many thanks”

M.P. Hedge Fund manager

“…MTPredictor v6.5 is awesome and it is the most valuable software that I have ever used.”
James, private trader 27 Jan 2010

“…today was the most successful day I have had trading in a very long time.”
CB, private trader 6 Jul 09

“My version of MTPredictor is making me money.”
KM, private trader 25 Jun 09

“…since the new year, I am up 60% on my account.”
Doug, private trader 7 May 09

“I’ve never been so successful before with my trading. I am up 82% in the last 6 weeks !”



“I’d like to add my vote for MTPredictor as my favorite trading software, and I’ve spent a small fortune on tools and software. The large amount advanced training and education they offer is worth more than the cost of the software just on it’s own. Anyone interested in making a quantum shift in their trading should jump at the opportunity to learn from Steve. MTPredictor is first class all around, both the product and the company.”



“…since the new year, I am up 60% on my account.”



“Hi Steve, Attached is a 3min chart of the NIFTY Sept. futures. The move  started yesterday from DP support on the 15min and 60min charts – as you teach, today I took the TS2 buy on the 3min chart which resulted in 4.6R Profit. The apparent resistance (covergence of multiple MA’s) on the 60min charts, divergence of the STF on the 3 min chart took the DP trade on the 3 min chart – STF was strong at the first target, ran with the ATR stop and finally exited near the days low at the DP from the previous major swing low  for +16R Profit. An amazing day of +20.6R Profit!”


“I first came across Steve’s trading methodology in 2001. As a former Series 3 registered broker, I researched and traded numerous systems and methodologies on behalf of clients – Steve’s software and education package are the most refreshing and honest I have ever come across. His focus on risk control, integrated position sizing, and specific methods for identifying low risk entry points are unique to the industry and were a true eye opener for me. MTPredictor has completely transformed my personal trading. I have owned the software since the first version and heartily recommend MTPredictor to both experienced and new traders alike.”



“Hi Steve, The software is superb – exactly what I was looking for, I tip my hat: it’s the most useful EW-based software I’ve ever seen.



“Hi Steve, just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your commentary on advanced trades with MTP. I’m still using the old add on version for Ninja and doing very well. I’m getting ready to switch to Ninja 7 and buy the new add ons . I like some of the new features.  I’ve said this in the room before and I’ll say it to anyone that asks, just buy the damn software, you will make money. Once you learn the advanced techniques, you are ready for the next level of trading.  I’ve used Advanced GET  and your Elliot interpretation is far superior to anything Get has to offer, no contest. I had a friend of mine {Delta Director] in my office watching me trade the other day and he fell in love with your software. He is an Elliot guy and loved the features and I told him this was the old version, you should see the upgrade. He will be buying the program…………..anyway just wanted to give you my thoughts and look forward to your comments on Wednesdays. Both you guys do a great job.”



“My version of MTPredictor (sic) is making me money.  I’ve really started using it on a regular basis in the last month.  I’m currency trading and trade most of the EOD scanner trades it’s provides but also the advanced analysis section is great and I’ve picked up quite a few trades recently from analysing currency pairs within it and using the indicators.”

Thanks KM 25


“Steve: Over my dead and dying body, could you ever take this software out my hands!



“I would like to thank you for your dedication to excellence in educating and training us with all of the tools within MTPredictor. I’ve learned that MTPredictor is more than a trading software. The realization is that you can personalize MTP as you would any trading plan.  You’ve developed a program that instills in a wanabe trader the confidence necessary to be successful by abiding by the necessary guidelines that you continually hammer home in your daily blogs and live webinars.  In 2001, had I followed those rules, maybe I would have been able to preserve some capital.  Moving forward, it looks like April of 2012 I should be off the sidelines with a properly funded account.  I look forward to that day.” 



“I have been actively trading for over 10 years now and have seen and used almost every software and method there is out there. I have NEVER seen anything so consistantly profitable in all time frames and in all markets, in my life. I have seen it perform with my own eyes over the month and it has been nothing short of amazing. It has picked for me very profitable posn trades in copper and soybeans and a few stocks, and INCREDIBLE daytrades on the es, nq, and the dow. I especially like the 2 min time frame trading the nq with MTP. I especially like the small stops that all the trades allow.



“I have paid for my software both EOD and RT, in my first month! I truly think my eternal search is now over. I have found the holy grail. Thank you Steve.”

Sincerely, Jeff


“MTPredictor is excellent and Steve Griffiths, the developer, I just cannot say enough good things about. He sends out tips and tricks emails often which are great teaching aids on how best to use his product, plus he critiques the markets each day and includes certain set-ups that have popped up the night before, both stocks and futures. His number one emphasis is on small risk. Every trade shows the exact entry price, stop loss, breakeven and 2 to 3 risk to reward ratio, etc. It is plotted with one click. The trades are not 100% winners but if you adhere and take the small stop losses, the gainers will more than keep you profitable.”


Hi Steve, I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate all the help Bruce provided tonight in getting me back up and running with Ninjatrader and MTP.  He was very patient, walking me through each step of the process, clearly and concisely.  I am very grateful for all the help MTPredictor  (as a team) has provided – keep up the great work! A customer for life,”



“Hi Steve, Now I am finish with all PDF, Video?s and Seminars from your website. It is very good learning from the Webinars and Video?s. I have done this now 2 weeks and now I am very happy. Before I do this I never believe to a software what gives automatic setup. But MTP is great and I am very happy to use now real time. In the future I will check also EOD.

In real time when I do day trade I have a profit about 3-6% from trading Capital per day, with automatic setup and advanced setup in different markets. So I want to say thanks to you to create a very good software. Thanks Steve…”



“I am very happy to have bought your software and I like the approach and the ongoing support.”



“MTP it’s the best software I have bought- and I have spent a LOT”



“I have traded on and off for 20 years and your system is in my view worth considerably more than you charge for it. I would have spent thousands over the years on products that are too complicated or just don’t work whereas yours is a different, simple approach that works.. Well done amd keep up the good work”


“Australian Dec Share Price Index gave a red sell set up on Tuesday at 3066 gapped down on the open at 3052 on Wednesday. I took 25 points profit on a day trade on Wednesday and went short again on the close at 3036. Trading this morning at 3022. Wonderful stuff.”

“Also went short on January Soybeans which is also showing a nice profit and reached the 100% level on the first day. MTPredictor gives me confidence. Thank you ”

C. L.


“Steve, As a matter of interest (I think) I always run two ‘market condition’ charts on my Esignal screen. The first is $TRIN which is a goldmine – if the TRIN is less than 1 I won’t take a short position, if the TRIN is above 1 I wont take a Long – as I write this the TRIN is 0.40 ! go LONG I say, go LONG! The other is the $TICK which gives me a check on whether the US market as a whole is trading with more up or downs. Thus a low TRIN and high TICK is a buy condition with the reverse being a sell. Anyhow I have found that MTPredicter setups confirmed by the TRIN and TICK are working really well. Of the 30 Trades I have made todate using MTPredicter and using this double check method, 64% trades haeve produced a profit or break-even, with the other 36% of trades producing small losses, all of which were stopped out. I hope this might be of interest.”

Yours Chris

Hi Steve, Re Corn – I may have trailled stop too close to market – was stopped out last night at 250 but am VERY happy with this trade – 9 times the initial risk. Many thanks for alerting me to this trade – just this one trade has more than paid for the cost of program! I am looking forward to a few more (I realise not all will be this good of-course – that’s why we have stops). Cheers,

Jeff A


“Steve: Congratulations on a wonderful piece of software. Looks like I just about paid for my eod software within the first month. Now I see you call a realtime es daytrade that is up so far over 10 points based on a 5 min chart! Now I am ready to try your RT module!

Looks like you deliver what you promise… a quality piece of trading software that actually works in realtime!

As a veteran of just about every other trading software and approach out there (Tradestation, Advanced GET, Ablesys, Quikpop, Clayburg, Nexgen, TCI, Entrypoint, Vantagepoint etc.), I have never paid for my software in the first trial month before! Your commentaries are priceless as well and makes the entire package in my opinion, the very best in the business.”


“Steve, Thanks for your daily updates. This feature is worth the price of the software alone. Not only does it help me understand your software better (I reproduce all your examples in my copy of the software) but it helps with my analysis of the markets. Your emails help me not only to learn new techniques but also to fine tune methods I have already been using. Thanks and keep up the great work.”


“Steve, Thanks for a great trade on SBL ! I held onto SBL even though technically I should have taken the stop.But I saw money flow improving on the 28th and ignored the stop trigger. Nov 12.5 calls are up 340%. THANKS!”


“I would like to thank you for the all that you have done for me over the last 18 months, turned me into a trader who is now making a profit by following your tutorials and working the set ups given my MTP. MTPredictor is excellent, your tutorials and reports first class. A complete genuine service, I Iook forward to what comes next”.


Thanks WMacN

“Dear Steve, Many thanks for your ideas and MT Predictor software. Last weekend MT Predictor gave me a blue buy signal day at the end of wave 4 and a small ABC Type 2 Set-up in August Soybeans. The high of the blue signal day was 493.50 I placed an order to buy at 494.for Monday with a stop at 483 if done. The open on Monday was 498 at which price I was filled leaving me with a 15 point risk although I had planned to have an 11 point stop. By Wednesday the market had risen to 508 and so for Thursday I raised my stop to 497 almost breakeven. The market closed at 514.50 on Thursday and I was not sure what to do for Friday. My profit target of 2 to 3 times the planned 11 point risk gave me a range of 520 to 531 which it had almost reached on Thursday. When I rang my broker to place an order for Friday he told me that the after market was trading at 516 and I already knew that there was a crop report due on Friday and I was not sure which way the market would go. I decided to bank my profit I placed an order to sell on the open on Friday and was delighted to find that I had a fill at 535 .The market had a high on Friday of 540 which was only one point over the 100% of the previous range at wave 5. I have made a profit before commission of 37 points of $US1,850 per contract in one week. Thank you MT Predictor thank you Steve”.


“Hi Steve, Anyway, I must say Steve that I have been very pleased by your software and your daily reports. I been a professional trader for 14 years and Hedge Fund manager for 2 years. I have seen tons of dubious methods and systems come and go over the years. But I’m very pleased with the way that you’ve been able to quantify and deploy a very simple yet effective method for trading on the right side the risk/reward proposition. Keep up the good work. Thanks,


“Not all trades are successful – but stops are tight so losses small. However, profits can be huge compared to risk at times. Overall, since trading the program, I am a long way ahead and hence very happy. The technical support is excellent. Cheers”

Jeff I


“I have found the EOD of MTPredictor to be excellent, as the developer gives a daily comment including the entry/stop/exit points precisely. It also has a real time version which I cannot take advantage of in view of my time-zone. The developer, Steve Griffiths, is one of the most responsible persons in the business. The final question is whether one can make money out of this and my answer is a definite YES.”
Regards, KC 
“The one and only I found as very helpful is, that this software only trades with the trend (which is in my opinion very important) and Steve has developed a very special, but simple to learn, style of trading. Furthermore, I have to say, his educative mails, following different markets, “training on the job” is very helpful as well. The same about his response-time. I have never seen any software developer who has got such good service.Lastly I would like to let you know, I am just a very satisfied customer of Steve and appreciate his behavior. I know him for just some months – since I have bought his software.”

I. F
“I also want to take this opportunity to say thanks for your patient assistance — from the time of the demo to the purchase and after. I’ve learned a lot from both your software and trading methodology. All too often in this business, you’re on your own after the purchase is made (caveat emptor!). Your continuing product support has been a pleasant surprise and has made all the difference. Regards.”

“I wish to express my appreciation for your seemingly tireless work in the development of your software , as well as the excellent presentations and support through the mail-list. I look forward to the continued evolution of MTPredictor and the learning process of us all !!”

Steve, Again, I repeat myself, thank you for the hard work and continuing support. A pint raised and three cheers to your and our continuing success 🙂

Best, Jack
“Just to let you know that I took that 15 min set up I sent you earlier today and JUST NAILED IT! I just follwed the trade parameters and called the orders in to my broker and then went to sleep. I bought 1 emini at 829.25 with a stop of 826, and exited at 840! Thats $537,50 in my very first trade using the RT scanner! So thank you, In my very first trade using the RT scanner, I paid it off. You are indeed the man! Incredible.”

“Hi Steve, Just wanted to say thanks for a great product and great support. I actively follow all of your daily commentaries and trading tips. Very much appreciated.
Thanks, George
“All in all it is a very nice program. As soon as I understand Mr. Elliot a little better it will certainly be a great aid to me. MTP lets the user see and learn the wave thing a lot quicker. Regards.”

D. S.

“A private word to you, Steve. I have never ever seen a “handbook” or “manual” that has had such value as your online coaching. Great job, very good idea!”


“Thanks for sending out your daily updates…it’s the best training tutorial we could have.” L.W.
“Steve, I am nominating you for the “Best Software Support” of the year 🙂 Also, the quickest response time.” P.K.


“Steve, I just looked at your recent email with my setup. This scan is too good to be true!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much. It is exactly it. Perfect. Couldn’t be better. It will simplify things and speed things up for me enormously. Somehow you’ve done what others have not been able to do. I couldn’t be more pleased. Best regards.” R.L.


“I am having a ball playing around with the program. I feel that I’m getting the hang of it quickly. It is so much easier than DT. As good as DT is it’s not a patch on this. You should be very happy with what you have accomplished. The best part is the scanner I don’t have to fumble around looking for a good trade, it narrows it down beautifully”. G.D.

“Thanks again for the great work! Best regards.” B.

“Hi Steve, Thanks for such a great program and the trading wisdom to accompany it.” Sincerely, Gary
“I have just made my second trade using MTPredictor and I am a very happy chappie. Thank you doesn’t seem adquate to express my gratitude to you for the software and the useful Tips and Tricks.” C. L.

“Steve, I just downloaded the new upgrade and I have to say “Great Job”. Regards.” M.B.


MTPredictor wins 2011 Readers’ Choice award for best futures trading system here

“NinjaTrader with MTPredictor…a very nice combination” Jul 10 issue

‘Stocks & Commodities™‘ – Sept 09 issue here

‘Shares’ – 11 Sept 08 here “importantly it knows how to vary the trading size to maintain a constant risk profile.”

‘Definitive Guide to Position Sizing’, Van Tharp Aug 08 here “System Quality Number™ of 5.52, which is excellent and highly significant.”

‘Your Trading Edge’ – Sept/Oct 07 here

‘Active Trader’ – Oct 06 here

‘Elite Trader’ Forum – Jan 06 here

‘Stocks & Commodities™’ – Apr 05…here

‘Traders World’ – Late Spring 05…here

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‘The Technical Analyst’ – Sept/Oct 04…here

‘Market Technician’ – Aug 03 U.K. Society of Technical Analysts

Journal from the Society of Technical Analysts (STA) in the UK.

David Watts: “Overall I found MTPredictor™ to be the best in its class for overall value”…here

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